2020 left you full of strange and even bitter moments, things didn’t go so well for you. Some businesses stalled, your relationship with the family had ups and downs… In many aspects of your life, it was not good at all. However, the stars want to reward you with good projects and success in your personal relationships. However, this does not mean that everything will be easy, 2021 will come full of changes for you, there will be earthquakes that will shake you in some areas. Big challenges are coming in your life, but they will be full of learning.

As it is characteristic of your sign, you put a lot of effort into your work to generate income, the more the better! This 2021, thanks to that professional dedication, you may be offered a great job opportunity that will keep you terribly busy for the rest of the months. Although this, if you do not achieve balance with your personal life, will bring you negative consequences: a great love can get out of hand. 

As for the influence of the stars in Taurus, this new year will be an upward trend for you. Taurus who were born in the first half of the sign continue to be influenced by Uranus that encourages you to seek changes, strong desires for freedom, and energy for renewal. For this reason, it may leave breakups, separations, or liberating events on your part. If you do not want to get into emotional problems, it is best to stay calm at home without inciting unnecessary problems. 

Uranus will also make your mind work faster; an intellectual awakening is coming for you. This is likely to materialize in an improvement in your studies, start a new career or continue your professional training. The passage of this planet in general will be tense and very restless, as it promises many surprises, unexpected events, and changes that you did not have planned. Saturn’s passage influencing your zodiac home from a stress perspective indicates that, in 2021 to see those changes you will have to overcome obstacles that you will not be able to control. Be careful because authority problems will appear with other higher-ranking people, there may be delays in your projects, or you will need twice as much effort to achieve them.

In general, the tension generated by the passage of these two planets represents the fight between the new and the old, with Uranus being the first and Saturn being the last. Saturn puts a brake on Uranus’ wishes for freedom. All these conflicts will be accompanied by emotional efforts that can bend you.

On the other hand, the transit of Mars in Taurus during next January, and its transit in Leo during June and July, will bring remarkable conditions in your health, especially related to stress and mental fatigue. Taurus pay special attention to the excess energy that you will have, and it will be materialized in the misuse of force or violence.

What awaits you for love Taurus?

January can be a month of great revelations in which you will have to move to survive a complicated month on a sentimental level. Your idea of the perfect fairy tale idea will change a little if it did not already change with an acute crisis last year. You often like to show yourself with a confident and strong heart, but this 2021 that shell will be modified and you will have to get to work to build a new sentimental castle. For both types of Taurus, singles who will find love or those who are already in a relationship, if they want things to work out with the other person, they must ask their partner for support to build that sentimental castle. They will have to get rid of the emotional barriers they have put up their whole life, because they are the first to face a crisis and it could blow up the relationship in a thousand pieces. 

This year you will learn a lot about love, you will know that nothing will be static as you want in a relationship, on the contrary, it is full of movements and changes. You will end the year with your partner, maybe unmarried (for those who are not yet), but you are going to consolidate that union. For those who are single, it will be difficult for them to fall in love with someone because they will be focused on the professional field more than the sentimental one. Also, because you are one of the people who need to know someone very well before you go into a relationship. However, you will be attracted to people from other countries, teachers, or co-workers, so for singles it will be a year to have sporadic encounters, but not a relationship (yet).

As for friendships, you have nothing to worry about, your social life will be highly active as always. You are a person of people, so your friend’s agenda will get bigger. Your work relationships go hand in hand with your social life, so you will do business while having fun sharing with people. It is possible that from these connections you will be able to complete an undertaking.

In money and work, what is coming for Taurus?

The work will be the best thing that 2021 brings for you. It is going to be a spectacular year, full of luck at work, but you are going to work hard. Your ambition, which seems to have no limits, will make you very tenacious and dedicated in what you do. There will be good professional and job opportunities, do not let them pass. In part, they will come from your good contacts and friends, including influential people in your professional area. This will help you develop your professional life. When investors and entrepreneurs want to start a business, they will think of you. You will not have to look for them, but they will be attracted to you. Professional success will come without you having to do anything. If you are into politics, you will do very well too.

Talking about money, you will be fine, and you will be satisfied with what you earn. You will not be short of money. You will not have to worry about paying the bills and you will have money to get out, but it will not be a year of pay raises. What will worry you is that the money inflows will be irregular. One month you will make a lot of money and another month, extraordinarily little. You will have to learn how to handle yourself like this and be more proactive. On June 10, the day of the solar eclipse, you could have an unexpected payment of money, which will surprise you, because you did not plan it. You will be more concerned with work than money.

What your health will be like this 2021. Taurus is generally in good health all the time, due to the great energy that this sign possesses so there will be no surprises to worry about this year. That said, it is going to be a year where you are going to work like crazy, and that can pass you the bill. You should take your rest time, not demand too much of yourself, since this is your weak spot. In addition, the stress generated by unexpected changes in your personal, love and family life could cause you more stress than you are used to enduring. Meditation exercises, yoga and having a lot of contact with nature would help you balance your inner being, it will also help you channel your large amount of energy in a good way.

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