This year you really have to hold on tight because nothing will have you. You will excel in all the activities that you propose. Friendship will be at the order of the day and it will be the most important thing for you! At home, with the family, there will be a lot of fun coupled with a lot of quality time together. For this new year, teleworking (which could have been driven by the pandemic) will continue for 2021 that or, you will have your own business at home. Home and family will be the most important thing. Love as a couple will be stable, for those who are already in a relationship, singles will be in a stage of seduction to the maximum. Career opportunities are coming, and creativity will come to you this year. Astrological alignments will give you a lot of energy and improve your health.

Without a doubt, the stars will be on your side this 2021. Find out more details of what the next twelve months will be like in every aspect of your life, plus what the stars will be doing with your zodiac home. 

As we said, 2021 smiles at you from ear to ear. The influence of Saturn and Jupiter from the angle of Aquarius will support you so that you develop and grow personally. While Saturn in good aspects can function as a great structurer, a great supporter of all long-range activity; Jupiter will provide the necessary opportunities to grow and develop. This planet is the representation of concrete reality. Saturn will come to organize, structure, and synchronize in perfect times certain aspects of your life that seem to be scattered right now. Under its influence you will even achieve lasting effects on this. The ideas will be efficient, and the efforts made will be well organized. Saturn in trine to the natal Sun indicates a period of firm and stable progress in life.

From the point of view of the star Jupiter, the one with the greatest benefits, it will mark an influence on you that will make you shine above others, this may also translate as more your authority over others. Also, it will give you optimism and confidence in what you do. Its influence is so positive that it is possible that it will improve your economic conditions and bring you growth on the spiritual level. Opportunities will be presented to travel or to interact with affairs or people from distant lands who can help you in your progress, providing material and financial advances. If you have pending judicial matters, this star will help you remove certain obstacles in this area. You may be planning to make real estate investments that will increase your wealth, it will be a good year for you to do so.

Another planet that will influence the zodiac house of Libra will be Venus. It will transit the sign of Libra from August 17 to November 11, 2021. It is known as the planet of love and pleasure, the so-called minor benefit, it is that planet that shows us our aesthetic taste, our playful and sensual sense. It will influence your artistic abilities, the way in which you enjoy and relate to other people, which is responsible for making you feel seductive this new year. Unbeatable times to be with friends, family and for all kinds of emotional expressions.

Venus from her home has a great capacity to succeed or achieve what she proposes, fostering lasting unions of love or friendship, so it means a good omen for you in this branch. Venus in Libra is related to art and beauty so it will be a good time for you to start activities connected to creativity, it will also be a good time to renew the wardrobe and take care of the personal appearance. Good winds are also blowing for the economy.

Last but not least in your 2021 horoscope, it is Mercury’s transit in Libra that will be from August 31 to November 5. This is the planet of communication, so it will help you transform the way you communicate with others, more diplomatic and pleasant. Its influence will help you make good decisions in your life, perhaps financial ones. This is because during this period it will be appropriate to start businesses that you have in mind or other activity involving money. You will have more creativity and inspiration to come up with business models.

Money and business for Libra in 2021.

As regards your economy, twelve profitable months have come with social and monetary benefits with the collaboration of suitable and qualified people with real stability advantages. If you are looking for a job, 2021 will bring you luck in this task. For those who want or are about to start a business, a company, it will also be the ideal period to do so. The good energy you have on your side this year will help you build from a financial point of view; it will give you continuity and duration in these matters. A forward-looking vision will prevail, so you will find solutions to almost any problem that arises in terms of financial or professional matters.

Your tendency this year will be to take care of and organize the income that will almost always be there to satisfy practical needs. Financial affairs are favored through prudence, savings, and hard work.  The stars that will transit your zodiac house will also favor the sale of real estate, fields, or places to make long-term investments.

What will happen in Libra’s love life this 2021.

In your love life you will tend to stability. There will be changes, whether you are married or single. It will be a year in which your sexual life will be highly active. If you are married or in a relationship, you will want to try new things and experiment. Love as a couple will strengthen and stabilize, it is likely that you will achieve this by marrying your partner or moving together. What is clear is that your relationship will evolve.

In the family aspect they will be very well. You will turn to your children and play with them. Your creativity will be huge and there will be a lot of fun around the house. You will breathe a very endearing atmosphere. You are going to invest a lot of money at home and in your family. This 2021 is ripe for pregnancies. If you are looking to get pregnant, it will be easier for you. If your intention is not that, take preventive measures. If you have not made a will, this is the ideal year. This year you will work from home and your family will be involved.

If you are single, this may be the year you find a partner. Although before that you may have more sporadic relationships than usual, always in search of sex and the admiration of the opposite sex, and you will have a good time with the game of seduction. Thanks to Jupiter and your hedonistic nature, you will open up to many people at the same time. You will be able to fit into parties and outings, but Pluto will make you demand in your most intimate relationships.

On the friendship level, you will have to give enough of yourself to make real friends, but at the same time not to be too intrusive! In addition, Uranus will encourage you to approach new people who offer you unique and novel experiences through your lifestyle, your hobbies, and your work. After receiving a lot of affection, problems will start to arise, and you may get into a fight with some people.

Your health prediction for 2021.

Health is particularly important this year. You will notice improvements over previous years. You will have a lot of energy and strength, to face the year with great courage, for everything. In times of stress and fatigue, a foot massage and you will be new. Avoid anxiety under any circumstances, because it unbalances you and mistreats your nervous state in your health. The best thing would be, that you practice daily meditation or Yoga or Taiichi. Your nature would respond very well to any of these relaxation techniques.

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