The stars tell you that this 2021 you will have to look for your destination outside your hometown, abroad. Travel is written to happen in your life this new year, Gemini. New opportunities and trips are in your near future. You may even already be packing your bags to move abroad or to specialize away from home. In one way or another, this new year will bring opportunities to your path that have to do with other languages, abroad, new philosophies or cultures.

Better days await you at work and professionally, rather, a lot of success and recognition! It will help you feel better about the bad streak that was experienced in the past 2020, things will improve especially for you Gemini. Times of much meditation, spirituality, cultivation of wisdom and personal reinvention are coming for you.

Love will be better than ever; it is likely that you will end the year with some surprise related to romance. There is going to be a lot of passion with your partner. You will have your old friends close and you will meet new people with different perspectives, but in general, friendships will be a great support for you in 2021. The relationship with your family will be fantastic. And on a personal level you may decide to change your look radically.

This is a quick glimpse of what awaits you in the next few months but read on to find out in detail what will happen in your life.

The passage of Saturn and Jupiter from their most favorable angle is one of the main reasons why the luck of the stars is present in this zodiac house more than in any other. On the one hand, Saturn will bring structure and organization to your life, and on the other hand, Jupiter will be in charge of opening up a new path full of opportunities and facilities in all areas of your life. That is why this year you have the perfect duo to grow and develop, take advantage, it is your moment! All the patience you have had this past year will finally be rewarded for the achieving of those much-planned goals. The tenacity is oriented in one’s own plans, there is a sense of duty accompanied by a sense of reality, righteousness, organization, and self-confidence.

Your vital energy will be strengthened from September 15 to October 30 because Mars will be orbiting Gemini.  In that span there will be no one to stop you, your body and your mind will be working at full speed. Use those days to build things that require courage, energy, and initiative. Also, tasks that require a lot of physical effort or if you must have surgery during 2021 you can schedule it by then, since your ability to heal will be high.

In those months you will try to do more activities on your own and you will reject the help of other people because you will feel confident in your abilities. Take the opportunity to neutralize that amount of vital energy on trips to nature, you can practice outdoor sports to stay balanced.

Another planet that will influence you, Gemini, and it is not exactly in a good way. The passage of Neptune will adversely affect your zodiac home, be careful. On a Psychological level, you will become a little distracted with a predisposition to make mistakes because you will be with your feet on the moon, dreaming of goals that can be unattainable. Possible alcohol or drug abuse and emotional concerns will also be on the road. Of course, they will be temporary states of mind, but you must prioritize common sense, the reasoning of your feelings and aspirations.

What awaits you in love for Gemini this 2021.

The stars have planned a year full of fulfillment and success in romance. You will do very well and there will be many changes, especially for the Single Geminis. If so, trips await you where you will meet new people, and who knows maybe your new partner… You are attracted to wealthy, good-positioned people, intellectual, sporty, restless, and fun people. You will find someone who has the same scale of values. You will be attracted to foreign people, teachers or life coaches, entrepreneurs, and wealthy people. But be careful, do not confuse interest with love or you will do badly in this last area.

As a tip: pay attention to those foreign people who come into your life this year, because maybe love has a different language or comes from a different land from yours. Enrich yourself from their culture and social background. Dare yourself! We warn you that if you do not have a partner, in 2021 you will end it with an important relationship. Even for those who are already dating, many may end up engaged or married. But one thing is for sure, your relationship is about to go through months of many twists and turns like you cannot imagine, and it is best to get ready from now on and be noticeably clear about what you want and what not from a relationship.

The changes of the Gemini who have a partner will be taken to the rational level, since they will want to share their sports and intellectual activities with the other person. Your intimate life, travel and fun are sure to increase by 2021. Since you like to have fun in everything you do and even more so if you do it with that special person, try to stay that way. If problems arise, analyze, and then try to fix them.

The planet of love, Venus, the one that represents attraction and fusion, joy and all those feelings of sweetness will pass through your zodiac home from May 10 to June 2; August 16 to September 11 it will do so from a closer point. These two periods will be ideal for solving family problems.

What awaits Gemini in money, work, and career this 2021.

This new year you will be more creative, sharp, and daring than before in the work, although not everything will be hype and cymbals for you in this field, sometimes you will have to slow down even when you feel that you are making double effort. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from people with more experience than you, they will help you a lot. Over the months you will come up with ideas on how to increase your profits and you will be able to separate good business ideas from unrealistic ones, as well as better manage your finances.

Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, will make its parade for Gemini from May 5 to July 11, which will favor you in everything that it dominates, such as agreements, contracts, studies, and business trips. It is likely that during these months of its transit it will synchronize for you a time of great economic, commercial abundance, with noticeable improvements in your pocket and possibly it is time to make the purchases or planned trips. It will also be an auspicious time for studies, exams and all work associated with the planet procedures and contracts.

How will your health be this 2021? Your health will be perfect for much of the next twelve months. There will be moments punctually overshadowed by moodiness, depression, or anxiety, but everything will be temporary, and you will easily recover with the company of your friends or the support from your partner. 

On the other hand, your physical energies will be revitalized, better than ever and you will feel in good physical shape. It will be an auspicious year to resume daily exercise to balance yourself, even mentally. If you have not resumed it yet, it is advisable that you start early to improve your health. Another important subject for you will be your image. You will want to change your image and you will take it seriously. Things are going very well for you and you will want to give an impeccable image. It is important to eat a healthy diet, for the sake of your digestive system. Take good care of yourself a lot during the week and give yourself vacations on weekends, do not work so hard or you will melt.

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