Aquarius in 2021, you will start this new year with a game of balance in almost every area of your life: love, family, work, and health. We anticipate that it will be a turbulent year, with many joys for changes that you will experience on a personal level, but also with many sadnesses. Also as an Aquarius in 2021 has new adventures prepared for you, especially in the field of love. Maybe this year you will get over that romance that marked a before and after in your life. There will be new beginnings and other surprises for you. In this 2021 you will be able to leave in the past the differences with people close to you or situations that bothered you in the past year.

Jupiter’s passage through Aquarius, for most of the time, brings with it a wave of self-confidence in yourself. It will give you more reasoning that will help you put your thoughts in order, plus it will fill you with optimism, something that you have definitely been needing lately. You will see this influence reflected when you start looking for new ways to progress in your work, business, or study. Act wisely, that the consequences that this will bring can disorient you and bring you new conflicts.

On the other hand, times will come when you will have to adopt a firm position in relation to your decisions, this year has arrived to tell you that you must start to settle down and take responsibility for yourself, Aquarius. This encompasses everything you build for your future. There will be inflexible situations around you, but that happens when you have the planet of ‘karma’ (Saturn) passing through your sign and, as we mentioned at the beginning, it will bring many movements to you as an Aquarius in 2021.

What awaits the Aquarius in love?

 In terms of romance, those born under the sign of Aquarius will be incredibly lucky, as this new year brings good news for both those who have a partner and those who are single. The former will encounter few problems in the relationship, things could even perk up a bit. With your partner you will experience a lot of joy and happiness and you will have the desire to invest more time in the relationship. The conflicts that arise, although few and without major relevance, will be able to get out of them without problems and adapting to what the other has. Just take a look at Allure

The conflicts we are talking about may be caused by the position of the planets that will generate instability in the relationship at times, but first and foremost it will remain on Earth. Therefore, you must express your feelings and create an atmosphere of peace with the other person. Get rid of the misunderstandings surrounding the relationship, put aside jealousy or bad feelings and make way for the romance that brings you this as an Aquarius in 2021. This is mostly a tip for men’s Aquarius.

For those who had already been dragging disappointment respecting to their partner, this year would be a good time to say goodbye to the relationship. You are not going in circles from now on. If there is a strong relationship, use this time to strengthen your bonds. Strive to bring more joy and happiness in the couple relationship.

The most stressed months with your loved ones will be February, June, November, and December. They will point you out to be selfish and even grumpy. The remaining months will be exciting and passionate, they will be propitious moments to share with the friends of all the life. 

For Aquarius people who are single, it is likely that this 2021 they will have an encounter that will fill you with enthusiasm. They might experience an intense romance or love during the year, who knows, maybe they will find their ideal partner. Well, for now… 

Aquarius in 2021 - February

Work and money for Aquarius in 2021.

 There will be a lot of pressure at the beginning of the year, you will have to make difficult decisions, but you will always have to remember to relax and not try to rush any situation. In the middle of the year, you may experience professional and financial success. In general, your professional path will be illuminated by the stars. You will be presented with several opportunities; you must take them. 

You will make connections with important people within your field of work, quite possibly your creativity for business will develop this year and that will attract the attention of these people. Command positions that require a lot of responsibility do not affect you so learning more about what you are doing today will be in your interest this year. In the end, you will be firm with your decisions, which will be correct. Of course, be careful, do not get carried away in a hurry to make a decision. Do not incur risks, as they are likely to affect your employment position as an Aquarius in 2021

As for the money, the planet Jupiter will continue to perform some complicated movements in your zodiac home, these could cause you to lose your balance. You tend to live beyond your means, and you would do well to think twice before doing any impulsive.

What awaits the Aquarius in 2021 with their health this year?

 This particular year you will have to take care of your mind and your moods. Do not get carried away by the stress and anger that will haunt you this year due to unexpected obstacles, people who are not to your liking and criticism of what you do. Try to relax, as that stress will make you create problems where there are not. As mentioned above, do not take risks, they can wear you down mentally and even cause you an injury. Meditate, exercise! But you must clear your mind, because your negative energy is expressed with your verbal aggressiveness and you can offend your loved ones. Healthy habits such as meditation, exercise and good nutrition will turn all that energy into a positive wave. At the end of the year, you will feel much better. While Covid-19 is still unfortunately a thing, take a look at the Aquarius masks we have apart of our Reon collection Zodiac Aquarius.

Generally speaking, this new year will be full of ups and downs for Aquarius. Although Jupiter will benefit you in some way, Uranus, and Saturn will do their thing and not in a good way. The alignment of this planet will make you stagger your way, it will make you feel lost at times when you think everything is perfect in your life. It will also be the cause of your bad mood as an Aquarius in 2021. 

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