For all people born in Sagittarius this new year will be conducive to cultivating wisdom through academic work, research, reading and other options that will fill you with knowledge. In 2021 as born with the sign of Sagittarius you will be presented with the best opportunities before your eyes. On a personal level, you will feel your self-esteem rise, it will reach a level you did not have last year. You will feel satisfied with your personal growth and may even inspire others in their learning paths. 2021 will bring you a lot of optimism and will increase your hopes for the future. In addition, it promises to elevate your spirit of adventure to a maximum level; you will have to live more with nature to improve your physical and mental condition during the new year.

Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius will take a favorable turn to your life, give you a methodical and disciplined perspective, for some people born under this sign who naturally have this quality it will only be sharpened. For this reason, it is mentioned that 2021 will be conducive to performing work that requires concentration. This step of the star will also be favorable to implement work routines, to finish heavy and monotonous projects initiated in the past months. 

On the other hand, when Jupiter transits through Sagittarius it signals that great or small favors will be obtained from other people. It will also charge you with energy and make you a more confident person of yourself and your abilities. Luck will be on your side! You will notice it by events that will justify the feeling that fortune will come in this year. During Jupiter’s transit period you will receive situations that will give you satisfaction: it may be buying a new car, getting a promotion at work, and earning money. Time for material achievements, but also for feeling physically better.

There is no denying that Jupiter will give you gifts and pleasures. If we look for a house, we will find it easily, if we yearn for an improvement in our sentimental situation, we will get it more easily. 

The Predictions about money for Sagittarius in 2021.

As previously mentioned above, Jupiter’s passage brings fortune all the way, bank accounts will also notice its passage. Your efforts with finances will finally bear fruit this year, it is likely that if you decide to start in a new business you can make it flourish, yes, you will have to listen to advice from people wiser than you. Do not trust yourself for this good luck! You should not buy anything without first seeing what you are giving your money to, do not get carried away by impulsive shopping. If there is one thing you have learned, it is better to prevent than to suffer the consequences of unnecessary expenses.  Be careful with thefts or misunderstandings, they can cause you to lose a good amount of money during the second half of the year.

This 2021 you may want to change jobs or be given completely different tasks than what you are used to. In the beginning, you will strive to progress as fast as you want, and you will have difficulty carrying out your plans. However, your luck will change, and an employment contract could bring a new boost to your financial situation.

Love for Sagittarius in 2021.

They have already broken your heart in the past, you have been disappointed in love, and that is difficult for you to forget. However, this new year you will feel happy, new people will come who will fill you with satisfaction. Starting in February you will have a new vision of how your love relationships should look like, you will know that you must demand your place within the relationship and guide yourself towards an equitable situation between you and your partner.

You feel that having let yourself be overshadowed by that person of the past changed you forever, but that is why you will have to learn not to make the same mistakes. For example, you should not give yourself unconditionally. Starting in February, you will feel that your wishes are just as clear to those of your new partner. Love will be like the land itself; you must plant to be able to harvest again in a while.

International exchanges will interest you and you may meet new people from different countries in February, April, July, and August. During this period, your possibilities for traveling, making pacts, agreements, conversations, and business meetings will be facilitated. This position of Mercury makes it possible to connect with other countries and with people from other places.

In October, a plan with friends will further strengthen your friendship bond. You will start the year passionately by meeting someone if you are a single Sagittarius or having more and more intimate moments if you are already dating someone.

Health for Sagittarius in 2021.

During the first few months you may feel haunted by the old evil of depression, as it has been behind you for months. You will have to appeal to a professional or seek help before everything collapses.  Try not to leave anything at all and explain well what affects you, the healing will come as you see that your mind is emptied of those bad feelings.

Let go of a bit of the burden you have put on your shoulders, delegate tasks to other people you trust, you cannot do all on your own Sagittarius. Otherwise, your good energy will run out.  You should try relaxation techniques or martial arts to better channel your energy and adjust the effort you put in. Remember to relax from time to time, take a deep breath and clear your mind for a few minutes and it will be much more efficient as a result. 

In short, this year you will have to make important decisions in your life. Good fortune and good finances will be on your side this year. You will meet new friends and you will probably have an improvement in your social life compared to last year and you will live your new relationship to the fullest, if you are a single Sagittarius, you will probably find love in this 2021. In love you will do very well, you will feel full Open your mind to try new experiences that will help you to maintain peace of mind. Do not forget to give yourself breaks because it will bring you negative consequences not to do so.

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