Generally speaking, this will not be your year. In the family life there will be moments of happiness and shadows. About money, you will not do badly, on the contrary, you will be excellent, important changes are coming. You will make new friends and social life will be regularly active. However, you will go through moments of tension and crisis in love.  For Scorpio who are studying or planning to start college, they will do very well. The energies will be low for most of the year.

The tensions you will experience this year will be influenced by Saturn’s quadrature and Uranus’ opposition. This opposition of planets provokes a powerful struggle of forces indicating that it will not be a year for interpersonal relationships. In other words, there will be confrontations with others; there are two forces, two factors of our being and environment that are encountered and confronted. For this reason, Uranus’ opposition synchronizes with moments of tension and acceleration.

Uranus represents the resistance and confrontation, of the sign that influences, with someone or someone. These will be difficult times with radical positions on your part. Also, this planet influences character, so you may have sudden reactions and grumpy outbursts that will not do good to those around you. 

Under this negative influence it is also possible that there is a tendency to make impulsive decisions without any foresight. You will feel impatient because there is a desire to free yourself from responsibilities. The nervous tension is present and hinders coexistence. If you want to look for an alternative to balance these energies, you can seek to discharge them in unusual activities such as humanitarian or scientific activities. New friendships may emerge from these groups. 

On the other hand, and for a change of something good, Saturn’s quadrature will bring you an attitude of commitment. You will feel stimulated by work, by the desire to acquire new responsibilities, and you will see your capacities for self-discipline and organization increased. Sometimes, during these periods, issues of the past that had been left unfinished are taken up and now must be finalized. Although it will give you a tendency to isolation since Saturn does not contribute much to relationships or social openness. You will show yourself to others as cold and inconsiderate or, they will see you as an unfriendly or negative person who makes it difficult in the most intimate relationships.

During this passage of Saturn, you must be careful with love relationships since breaks or estrangements can happen if the relationship already has irreparable problems. Therefore, during this period you should take a thoughtful stance on what you really want and what is good for you in a relationship. Due to this same influence, it is to be expected that this year will not be appropriate to set up business partnerships or similar because, you will have to carry the responsibilities of other people and lead to a fight. You will feel lonely even when you are accompanied. 

Be careful on the dates below. When Mars transits Taurus in this month of January; when Leo transits between late June and the first week of July; And when Scorpio transits in the first days of November, tension and irritability will express itself more strongly. Violence of some kind can occur in these lapses. This powerful energy will be associated with the misuse of force, with extreme stress, with exhaustion, accidents, and violence.

On the other hand, Mercury will make its way through Scorpio between November 6 and 24, for these dates’ communication will be characterized by being sharp and critical. This period will be conducive to introspection and work with your emotions. You can start therapy in that month or study about past aspects of your life or something that helps you understand more about the nature of the human being, since they will be ideal times for these studies and reflections.

During this time, you can also do what you had planned such as buying, selling, signing contracts, traveling, or buying real estate and others related to the home. Likewise, this transit will affect the development of certain skills related to commerce, literature, or the media.

Now we can talk a little bit about specific areas of your life like work, money, family, love, and health. Read below what 2021 holds for you in these areas.

Scorpio at work, money, and business in 2021.

This 2021  you will  be looking for  new business ideas. You will want to change your source of income. It is for these reasons that there is the possibility that you will leave your job, to start a family business. If you do, you’ll do very well. If you want to continue in your current job, there will be no problem. Although sometimes stresses at work can drive you crazy, try to resolve problems calmly, even if you are tempted to leave the office. If you change jobs, it will be of your own free will and not because of a layoff.

In a matter of money, you will do very well. You’ll make more money and spend it happily. You may decide to buy a house, change the car, but you will undoubtedly spend on clothes and trips, although you will invest more in your home and your family.

Scorpio in the field of love this 2021.

As we told you at the beginning, Scorpio, love will not be your strong suit this year, you will go through a stage of instability. If you are in a relationship, you will go through a crisis and you will have to reach agreements to solve it. It will be a hard year full of conversations and concessions, trying to save the marriage or the relationship. Some will separate and others will be able to reconcile and stabilize their romantic relationship. However, the passage from Venus from February 26 to March 21 will help you improve these love bonds. There will be greater understanding at the family and affective level, you can be in harmony during this period.

This transit will be repeated again from September 10th to October 7th, so all romantic manifestations will be received at this time. You can schedule an escape with your partner or friends to strengthen the ties that could have been affected by the tension that 2021 brings you.

If you are single, you will go out a lot to have fun and have several sporadic relationships. Some family members might introduce you to someone you fall in love with. you may even meet your better half through the internet. You are attracted to foreigners and people, who can contribute something culturally different. Through your activities, they will come to you and you will open up to them.

What is the health prediction for Scorpio in 2021?

During the months of June and July Jupiter will send you good vibes, although Saturn and Jupiter will be poorly linked to your star sign which will cause you problems and reduce your pace of life. This will throw you off track and you will have to fight with uneven energy. Your emotional state will be affected, you will feel more fatigued and your body will feel stressed. Your nervous system will be under stress and therefore you may find yourself a bit restless. Luckily, Pluto will allow you to recover without problems and Neptune will make you more intuitive, which will guide your mind when it comes to analyzing things logically.

Do outdoor activities, relax from time to time and try not to lead a sedentary life because it could worsen your mood and lower your energy, more than it already will be. Show your gifts through the leisure activities you do; this will be a true liberation.

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