Generally speaking, 2020 is going to support Cancer in its change decisions, above all it can bring you a profound change of character. Many stars align to promote decision making, individual processes, and energy and effort to bring change. 

Cancer this year may be a bit of a turbulent year. It will be something like a seesaw in the entire length of the word. But do not worry, despite all these events, not everything will be negative, and you will be especially strengthened. You will have plenty of energy to meet the challenges of the year, but you must manage your strength. Keep reading and discover everything your Cancer 2020 horoscope has in store for you.

You are characterized by being one of the most challenging signs in the entire zodiac, they can be difficult to understand and present from a very shy personality to a very daring one. You are conservative, strong, confident and a very familiar person.
You are also a very sensitive person and very attached to your home. You have a lot of imagination and you’re cautious, you like good food. But sometimes you lack will in the face of complex situations. Your candor and your freshness are emotional less when you become affectionate.

You will have two very important planets in your sign, such as Saturn and Pluto, you must not belittle them and pay attention to your health, which you will do correctly, you will take care with healthy regimens and lifestyle. If your sixth house was empty, it would tell us there’s a lack of attention, but that’s not the case. What is always recommended in these cases is to have a very high energy, this will destroy any problem that may exist, it will be minimized. Therefore, to take into account will be having between your body and your mind a lot of power.

Year in which 6 eclipses will occur, 4 of them lunar, which will be influencing these turbulent events. It will be a stressful 2020, but particularly good, with positive changes. It will be a year of changes, problems, and shocks, because 6 eclipses will take place: 4 lunar and 2 solar. The Moon is the planet of Cancer; therefore, it will affect you a lot.
You might lose your friendship to some friends. Your health is not very good and your work will exhaust you, you will have to take care of yourself more than you want. The change of strategy that you will make professionally, it will take a lot of time and a lot of energy. Despite the complicated part of the year, you will take it well because the economy and success with the opposite sex will smile on you, it will compensate you.

Now let’s talk about what this 2020 has in love. You’ve had Saturn for a while now in your seventh house, the one of love, and it will continue in it for the rest of the year. You have also had Pluto in the same house for a long time.

By nature, Cancer do not like separation, you hold on to your family a lot. If there was a separation, you would do anything to prevent it from happening and continue to maintain the union, but because of these two planets, there have been more divorces than normal. This may be reflected in the plane of friendships, will bring people who let you down, and others who directly disappear.

The process of change you experience this year may not convince everyone, or they may not simply understand the new crab, but you should not worry, because more opportunities will emerge and form new stronger relationships than the previous ones.

You will have many difficulties to overcome. Above all, for cancers who are in a relationship since they will have to overcome many inconveniences in love. Two cases could occur: the possible breakdown of a long-established relationship or, on the contrary, the strengthening of the couple after overcoming moments of tension and drama. You will know how important the bond is when these planets, Saturn and Pluto, leave. If you want the relationship to thrive try not to control too much, you feel that many times they can be watching you, when you know that’s not the case (unfounded jealousy). 

If you are single, you will feel the need to have a stable partner and to be loved. But while “that person” arrives, you will accept all kinds of dates, in order to give you the opportunity to meet the love of your life. This can lead you to have several sporadic relationships during the year.

The work will go very well, but you will work a lot. You are a professionally powerful person, but since the month of May you have changed your strategy and you have become more competitive, more tough, but also more powerful. You will have to focus on being more sociable to get favors, to convince others that your projects are the best in the world … And you will be successful. Your competition follows you closely. You will achieve all your professional goals and your working life, it will be prosperous. You’ll be able to get all the benefits you’ve worked for.

People born under the sign of Cancer will have an especially active 2020 that will be accompanied by good health, but it is very important that you rest, if you neglect you will begin to sleep poorly and errors will arise that will cause many of your plans to be lost. You have to find time, to disconnect and rest. You have to try to sleep your hours, to charge the batteries to the maximum. If you let your worries control you and insomnia comes, it will be time to close some fronts and focus, if you do not, 2020 may go wrong, but if you are able to maintain control, you will be able to do everything.

The weak point of cancer is the stomach, so a healthy diet will be paramount to you. You should get acupuncture, to keep your body’s energy balance always balanced. You should also have a month-to-month massage and Meditation or Yoga will help you stay balanced.
Your relationships and your health will sometimes make bad plays for you, but you will do everything you can to stay on track. Don’t worry, courage and goodwill will bring you success at the end of the year. You just have to believe it!

Your need for independence will characterize you throughout the year. You want to feel free to do and think what you want. This desire for freedom will create many problems in your relationships and activities and will also have an impact on your health.

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