2020 is for sure a very intense year with major changes that are already influencing our lives. But what it means to be a Gemini in a year where there will be a total of 6 eclipses, 4 of them lunar and a pandemic? Well, means that Gemini is going to have to learn to evolve. If you are reading this and you were born under this sign, you must know Gemini is one of the three Air signs (Libra and Capricorn are the other two) meaning that you and all the Geminis around the world:

Stand out for their intellectual faculties, they seek mental stimulation and they feel the need to communicate with their surroundings.
They prefer the company of others and that is why this sign is known for being a social butterfly
They have many ideas and can think abstractly.
Their way of proceeding is usually emotionless, which helps them to judge objectively, but they tend to be somewhat superficial and overestimate scientific thinking.
Gemini is a masculine, mutable air sign ruled by the planet Mercury, the god with winged feet; this is associated with having an extremely versatile, capricious, and unstable character, like that of spring, we could also say is a controversial sign or be interpreted as one.

As a Gemini, you probably always have a book in one hand and a phone in the other or a podcast in your ear on their way out the door to do a dozen things before lunch. The most curious, changeable, communication forward sign in the zodiac, Gemini always need stimulation, interaction, and circulation and is always ablaze with witty insights, devious pranks, and the gossip no one else can access. But because we cannot exactly visit friends without caution or scamper about town without care right now during a pandemic, this Gemini Season — much like all of 2020 — is an unprecedented one. You will have to find creative ways to connect with others while sticking to our new lifestyle where we need to modify a little bit the way we socialize.

But no worries Gemini horoscope in 2020 is relative pleasant and satisfactory. During this year 2020 the Sun will cross the Gemini constellation from May 20 to June 20. For Gemini preferring challenges and traveling, with strong adaptability, the overall luck in 2020 exactly meets their expectations, with opportunities in fluctuations, surprises in unexpected things, and the appearance of a lot of new things.

You need to know that over the year, we are all going to be sorting out a few things as we learn to adapt, and it is not necessarily going to be easy. But then again, learning an entirely new way of living never is don’t you think?
The confusion surrounding when and how to return to socialization may be met with lots of gossip, which Gemini loves. Some of us will want to report those breaking social distancing requirements, and others will be at their wits end after months of living with roommates they only ever meant to see in passing. In other words, Gemini season is always dramatic, but 2020’s Gemini season brings diva-level drama. To make matters more confusing, we are in the middle of a Venus retrograde, which throws our love lives into a tailspin. So, what can you do?
Always try to have an honest communication. If you are considering Skype date or other video chat platform, just be open and honest about your expectations and what you are looking for. Gemini has been known to fib, but any form of lying will not fly right now. State what you are comfortable with, how much time you are prepared to dedicate to texting and Face Timing and go from there. Be ready to listen as well.

Regarding Love and Relationships, it is said that Geminis are always looking for their other half.
According to Gemini love horoscope in 2020, it is good, especially in the first half year. While Gemini people may have troubles as well, especially for those are fickle-minded. To get rid of these conditions, Gemini people are advised to avoid causing misunderstandings, and behavior appropriately in all kinds of occasions, and do not make promises to others arbitrarily.
Despite the state of the world and Gemini’s reputation for having many lovers (many people born under this sign are well-suited for polyamory), this period is an excellent time to reignite your love life. The tarot card that represents Gemini is the lovers, and it is said that they are always looking for their other half. As a mutable sign, Gemini adapts well to change. If we approach difficult issues and problems the world has never had before with compassion, an open heart and mind, and empathy, there is a real opportunity to reinforce love. This could mean a new romance, perhaps someone you met online during those stay-at-home orders a few months ago or reuniting with old lovers or friends.

For single Gemini, it is likely to meet girlfriend or boyfriend in 2020, who is suitable to be the soulmate; especially those Gemini preferring traveling which is a good chance which offering opportunities to make friends.

For those Gemini people who are in love or are married, love horoscope in 2020 is surprisingly good; so just cherish and keep on the harmonious relationships. For those Gemini lovers are in long-distance relationship, it is suggested to cherish the happy moment, and communicate timely when problems occur.

Gemini is an intellectual air sign that prides itself on rationality, but this season is going to include Twitter takedowns, personal callouts, and some ill-advised rule breaking. Wear your PPE and continue to follow social distancing guidelines whenever you need to leave the house to protect yourself and others. Use self-soothing tools such as meditation to stay on Gemini’s rational side. If you can do that, the next few weeks will be an experience in powerful communication.

In general, the entirety of 2020 will be intense. This is not a laid-back year, so prepare to roll with the punches. This year is scattered with eclipses, but the one that affects you most is on Monday, November 30. This lunar eclipse and full moon in your sign, Gemini, brings monumental shake-ups and change. If you have not shed your old skin yet, this eclipse does it for you. People you have been stringing along will turn the tables and dump you. You may walk into the office to hear giant and fabulous news about a project you have been working on all year. It is a day of culmination.
We are going to see change on a global scale in 2020. Remember, in tarot, the Death card does not mean literal death, but rebirth. The various retrogrades and eclipses all nudge you along to become a better version of yourself. You must learn to work with others professionally, become more focused, and quit with any shady dating.

Your personal growth hits a tipping point on Monday, December 21, when a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn squares Uranus in Taurus. You may feel as if parts of yourself are being stripped away, and your old tactics of dealing with life are ripped from your hands. Remember — adapt or die. Use that intelligent, flirty, creative manner of yours to work with the flow rather than resist change and you will come out on top.

Just remember, do not let your needs last. You are the most important thing in your life, do not forget it. Start your day thinking about what is best for you today.

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