What sign is March 6th?

What sign is March 6th? The signs never line up exactly on the first of the month. So, when someone wants to know what zodiac sign is in March, we need to know a little bit more info to get started. Don’t worry – we don’t have to do a full birth chart. We just need to know what dates in March you’re most interested in. For instance, March 1st through March 20th fall in Pisces, while the rest of March falls in Aries.

So, when you ask yourself what zodiac sign is March, you first must ask what part of March? With that info, we can move on to discuss the two signs that fall in March, who they are as people, how they interact with the world, and what you need to know about March and the signs of the zodiac.

What Sign is March 1st-20th? Getting to Know Pisces

What sign is march 1st-20th

What sign is March 6th? Let’s talk about Pisces! 

So, you’ve met someone born between February 20 and March 20. Who are they? What do they want out of life? What can you tell about them from their zodiac sign? Are they a good match for your sign? Will you be BFFs or frenemies? 

People born in the first three weeks of March are born under Pisces. Great – what does that mean? Pisceans are known for being highly emotional and empathetic, but that’s not all there is to this water sign. Let’s take a moment to dive into a few of the most common traits you’ll find in almost any Pisces you meet.

Zodiac Signs in March: Pisces Traits

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and symbolized by a pair of fish. Unsurprisingly, Pisces is a water sign, and — like all water signs — Pisces are both sentimental and sensitive. Their moods may change, ebb, and flow like water, but they maintain long-lasting relationships. If a Pisces quits on you, it’s more than a big deal — it’s earth-shattering. But what else should you know about this March zodiac sign?

Among the most positive Pisces traits, those ruled by the fish are generous, empathetic, and creative. If you need something, you don’t even have to ask a Pisces. She’ll not only sense that you’re in need, but she’ll have a creative solution ready to go — usually before you even know what’s bothering you. Pisces ladies tune into others’ emotions, and they put that empathy to good use with creative and fun ways to solve problems and make the people in their lives feel special.

Zodiac signs in march
Loving & Selfless Pisceans

But, as loving and selfless as Pisceans are, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. All that empathy and sensitivity can be a lot. Pisceans often go all-in with the people they care about. This can lead to too much intensity for a lot of people, which makes Pisces feel unloved or unappreciated. This can make them come off as overly emotional and sometimes very moody.  At the same time, while their moods can run amok, and while they’re very quick to help others, they often have trouble opening up and accepting that same help from their friends and loved ones. 

Even when Pisceans aren’t walling themselves off or stitching their hearts to their sleeves, they can easily fall prey to manipulation and gaslighting. Pisceans want to help. Did we mention they’re the most loving and selfless sign? We meant it! Unfortunately, this also means that they’re often easily swayed by those they love and trust. If you tell a Pisces that you need her, she’ll believe you and she’ll be there for you. Assertive and strong-willed people are like kryptonite to loving, people-pleasing Pisces.

March Zodiac Signs: Most Compatible Signs with Pisces

In friendships and romantic relationships, Pisces are most compatible with Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn. They’re pulled to the fluidity of other water signs, but Earth signs keep them grounded and help them feel centered and safe. Taurus is a great match for Pisces because — through Taurus’ loyalty and Pisces’ empathy — the two will work hard for each other and make sure that they both always feel seen and heard. Pisces rarely do well with fire signs, especially Aries, who are generally very assertive and may either manipulate Pisces or make her feel overwhelmed and off-balance.

What Sign is March 21-31? Getting to Know Aries

what sign is march 21-31

This, of course, brings us to the other sign in March, Aries. Born between March 21st and April 19th, Aries are as fiery as they come! Ruled by Mars, Aries are symbolized by the ram. Named for the Roman god of war, Aries are known for their courage, drive, honesty, competitiveness, energy, and generosity.

Aries are the daredevils of the zodiac calendar. They’re as brave as they are vindictive, and they don’t take no for an answer. The ram may not be as stubborn as the bull, but it won’t go down without a fight!

Zodiac Signs in March: Aries Traits

On the positive side, Aries are courageous. If they see a job they want, they go for it and usually get it, even if they don’t have half the experience in the job description. If they see someone they’re attracted to, Aries is already walking across the room to talk to them before you even saw them stop to look. Need an honest opinion? Aries is there for you, every time. Feeling down? Aries loves making you smile, and they’ll be generous with their time, money, and whatever else they can give to help turn your frown upside down.

Of course, like Pisces, Aries’ traits aren’t all positive. Each of these common traits has a dark side. Aries is brave, but her bravery can be reckless. She’s probably been to the ER a few times for that “bravery” and the idea of hurting herself or someone else likely never crossed her mind before it happened. 

Likewise, beware Aries’ honesty. She can’t turn it off, and she’s not the most tactful. When she’s “just being honest,” Aries can be careless and blunt. Don’t ask her opinion if you don’t want to hear exactly what she thinks. And, when it comes to competition, there’s nothing friendly about Aries. The rest of your friends might love a night of mini-golf, bowling, or axe-throwing, but Aries spells “fun” W-I-N. If she’s not winning, she can feel insecure, and that insecurity can turn into a bad time for everyone. Finally, Aries’ generosity can get overbearing. If she feels the drive to make you smile, she’s probably not far from showing up uninvited and smothering you with gifts and advice that should “fix” whatever’s happening. When it comes to Aries, good boundaries are a must!

March Zodiac Signs: Most Compatible Signs with Aries

march zodiac signs

So, you’ve met an Aries. Are you a match? Did we mention that Pisceans and Aries should probably steer clear of each other? Pisces will have a hard time opening up and accepting Aries’ boundary-obliterating love language. At the same time, Aries is likely to manipulate Pisces with her strong-willed nature. 

Who’s the best match for Aries? In our experience, the most compatible signs with Aries are Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Leo and Aries create strong, lasting bonds through their shared passion and fearlessness. They’re both driven, and they support each other in their endeavors. Aries and Aquarius make thrilling matches, too. Aries loves Aquarius’ fluid nature, and Aquarius is enthralled by Aries’ strong personality and sense of self. As for Aries and Sagittarius — talk about a power couple! Both signs are optimistic and energetic. They’ll boost each other up and drive each other forward toward their dreams.

And who should run far, far away from Aries? Aside from Pisceans, Cancer and Capricorn will find Aries’ energy overwhelming and exhausting. If you’re going to be with an Aries, you’re in for a ride. So buckle up or get off while you still can!

What Sign is March 6th? Ring in Spring With Pisces and Aries

which sign is march 6th

Now you hopefully know everything you need to know about What zodiac signs are in March, and what they mean. Pisces and Aries are near opposites, and they don’t usually make very good romantic relationships. But they can still be friends, and the occasional Pisces has found a soulmate in an Aries. Just be sure to know and maintain your boundaries!

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